Version History

March 27, 20133.61Major Update

This release includes support of Windows 8 and Outlook 2013. It also includes some fixes of issues reported by customers.

Functional updates:

  • Support of Outlook 2013 added. A number of issues were fixed in this update to correctly support the latest Microsoft Outlook 2013 edition.
  • Tested on Windows 8.

Issues fixed:

  • Email messages with updates remained in Sent Items folder on Outlook 2010 in some scenarios.
  • In some scenarios “view only” rights on shared folder would be incorrectly changed when 2 or more computers were setting up folder sharing at the same time.
  • Some minor text issues on dialogs were fixed in German, French and Spanish versions.

Other Updates:

  • Lib4Updates module added for automatic notifications on 4Team product updates and upgrade periods.

October 29, 20123.60Major Update

This update includes a number of bug fixes.

Issues Fixed:
  • A dialog suggesting to select what data should be sent would appear unexpectedly in some use scenarios.
  • A dialog informing about the updated item would appear unexpectedly in some cases.
  • Private items were updated with incorrect information sometimes, if sharing of private or personal items settings were different on different computers.
  • In some cases updates would be sent multiple times for the same items.
  • Trial will be extended if a version prior to 3.52 was installed.
  • Standard license validation procedure will be performed during the first start.
Other Updates
  • The issue with date format that was used in "uninstall feedback" links was fixed.

June 5, 20123.52.0820Major Update

New version of ShareO has been released

Issues Fixed:

  • In some cases item updates would not be sent to other users if Outlook 2010 was set to make Send /Receive before closing.
  • On some systems, the application menu tab was inaccessible right after installation in Outlook 2010 64-bit edition.
  • The hidden Outlook 2010 folders were visible in the Management Panel.
  • In some scenarios, the notification about new updates arriving were displayed even when there were no updates.
  • Installation would not run on some systems with Office Outlook 2010 64-bit edition installed, informing about VSTO installation issues.
  • Time of other users updated items was shown according to his/her time zone settings in the Updates Report.
  • An incorrect item type filter was suggested by default in “Updates in Shared Folder Report” dialog in some scenarios.

Other Updates:

  • All dialogs and email messages were updated with the new product logo.

June 29, 20113.51.0808Minor Update

Issues Fixed:
  • In some use scenarios, when a folder was shared with more than one user, changing sharing rights for one user would affect all other users instead of only the required one.
  • Feature to re-send all items in a folder was not working on mail folders.
  • In some use scenarios, private recurrent appointments were shown with incorrect time, when a sharing them with the option "private appointments as blanks" is enabled.
  • The "Send updates only when I click the Update button" option for shared folders was not working properly, and updates were sent automatically anyway.
  • On some systems with Outlook 2010 64-bit edition, installation of the product would fail.
  • The trial period would be over right after the installation, in some cases on systems with Outlook 2010 64-bit edition.
  • The message box with product installation path would show each time during Outlook 2010 64-bit edition start.
  • When in trial mode, the activation button was not shown in the Outlook 2010 64-bit edition toolbar.

March 3, 20113.50.0712Major Update

Functional Updates:
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 64-bit edition is now supported.
Issues Fixed:
  • E-mails with updates would not be processed automatically when they were received into IMAP type folders in most cases.
  • E-mails with updates were not processed when Google Apps Sync was running.
  • By default, TXT extension is now used in the e-mails with updates instead of ZIP to prevent them from being blocked by the antivirus software.
  • The add-in would not start on Microsoft Outlook 2010 Click-to-Run edition.
  • When the option "Do not delete items if deleted by other users" was enabled on the folder that was shared with "view only" rights, the items were deleted anyway.

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